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Greencoat Capital launches €333m clean energy fund

Welcome to the Frederic Michel-Verdier blog. Frederic Michel-Verdier is a Funds veteran specializing in infrastructure equity investments and asset management. Greencoat Capital announces the launch of a new closed-ended private markets fund, Greencoat Renewable Income LP (GRI), and is delighted to have already secured £277m of commitments from leading UK pension investors Brunel and SAUL.Continue reading “Greencoat Capital launches €333m clean energy fund”


GI Partners To Push Digital Infrastrucure

Welcome to the Frederic Michel-Verdier blog. GI Partners To Push Digital Infrastrucure ..has raised over $17 billion in capital from leading institutional investors around.. Check out Frederic Michel- Verdier website to read more about the flow of private capital into infrastructure projects.

Frederic Michel Verdier: Benefits of Building a Smart City

In today’s blog, Frederic Michel Verdier shares the benefits of building a smart city. Smart city technology can help cities operate more efficiently while improving services to citizens and businesses, among .. Frederic Michel-Verdier ..Expanding digital services

Frederic Michel-Verdier: Civil Engineers to Design a Better Future

Frederic Michel-Verdier: What will the civil engineering world be like in 2025? What roles will civil engineers play in that radically transformed world? ..Now is the time to embrace the Vision and the Roadmap … Frederic Michel Verdier..

Frederic Michel-Verdier: Tackling an Infrastructure Project

Frederic Michel-Verdier: Tackling an Infrastructure Project .. rederic Michel-Verdier has over 15 years experience in large scale Equity Investments and Asset Management of Global Infrastructure assets. ..