SUSI Partners AG

Welcome to the Frederic Michel Verdier blog. SUSI Partners has made its first investment in Australia and is actively pursuing additional projects in the country the Swiss investment manager said. The manager’s €252m SUSI Energy Storage Fund (SESF) will invest €30m to buy and finance the construction of a 34MW solar PV plant with storage optionality in Middlemount. Once completed, the plant is expected to be the largest solar plant in SUSI’s portfolio.

This investment represents an important step in the internationalization of SUSI`s investment remit and the first investment into the Australian market, which we deem highly attractive for clean energy infrastructure investments, despite the recent energy policy uncertainties. SUSI, through its SESFfund, is actively pursuing several additional projects under exclusive terms in Australia, the manager said, adding that the fund is in active discussions on a strong pipeline of projects globally.

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Frederic Michel-Verdier has over 15 years experience in large scale Equity Investments and Asset Management of Global Infrastructure assets.Learn more about Frederic Michel-Verdier on his profile page. Read Frederic Michel Verdier‘s latest investment management post on his Facebook profile here. Watch Frederic Michel Verdier video below.

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Welcome to the Frederic Michel-Verdier blog. Frederic Michel-Verdier is a Funds veteran specializing in infrastructure equity investments and asset management. Learn more about Frederic Michel-Verdier on the links below

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